Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wild Curves!

It is weird how life throws you all sorts of curves to see how you will react to them. Each time a new one comes you have to come at it with a different approach. Recently I am taking on a big that life is throwing at me and I am having to take a completely different approach to it than anything I have ever done. I know that this time is the last time this type of curve should ever be thrown at me and I am going to try my hardest to keep it that. I can only think that I am human and I have my faults but there are some things that I should not falter on.

The one thing I feel I was put on this earth for was to be a great family man. I am to take care of my children and make sure they are raised properly and in my life at all times and that they are one of the centers of my life. The other part of that is to be the best husband to my wife and show her the love and compassion she needs everyday. These are all hard things to live up to but if you put yourself in the right spot and the right frame of mind then it can be done. The one thing I am learning over again is that God needs to be at the center of my life and I need to rotate around him and count on him to carry me through the rough times. No matter how bad things get he will always be by my side and be my rock to hold on to. I need to remember that now more than ever in my life....

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