Tuesday, April 17, 2007


So I just moved into my very first home that I actually own and not rent. I will talk more about this later as I will pick up with where I left off from my other post. I will try to get back in the groove up updating this as often as possible.

After I graduated high school, I went on to Oklahoma State University and majored in Electrical Engineering Technology (EET). I enjoyed the college life even though it was expensive and I was the first one in my family to attempt to finish college. I was the one who was suppose to as well and it kind of felt like if I didn't everyone would be disappointed in me and it would hang over me for a while. I learned from growing how I did with my father and everything else that people expected a lot of things from and none of them came true. So this was nothing new for me and I have learned to blow it off so it doesn't bother me any. While at college I still surfed the net and played an all text based game called Arctic MUD which is where most of my time was spent. I also spent a lot of time the Oklahoma yahoo chat room where I met who I thought was an awesome girl for me. I had the reputation back home to date the younger girls that were usually 2 to 3 years younger than me and sometimes even 4 years younger. When I was a Senior I was dating a freshman girl from another school, but the girls my age didn't seem to have interest in me and were kind of stuck up. So I talked to this girl online for about a month and we decided to meet up at a restaurant in Stillwater. She was from Tulsa so she was bringing her mom just in case I was some kind of killer or rapist. Which was all perfectly OK with me since you can never be to sure on the Internet. I met up with them and we hit it off right away. It was going great and I finished my year at school and moved to an apartment off campus to work for the summer. We decided to get married so I joined the Air Force to help support the family we were about to start. I left Stillwater at the end of the summer and went back home to work in our local grocery store that was opening up since our old one burnt down 3 years prior. I was now all the way across the state from my Fiance and took frequent visits to see her as I was living back at home waiting for my date to enter basic training came up. I left for basic on Jan 28, 2003 and said my good-bye to her and promised to write her when I got a chance and we wrote letters and talked on the phone all through my basic training. I thought we were in love and planning to get married and start our life together. This is a big reason why I joined the military, but also to help pay for school. So I get done with basic and head to my Tech school to learn my trade I was going to be doing for the military. While there I got my assignment to Japan and immediately called up Sonja to tell her we would be going to Japan. She said she really didn't want to leave the states and wondered if I could get my assignment changed and I said yeah I guess I could. I had a friend that got California and he really wanted Japan so we traded assignments. The day I got them finalized and called up Sonja to tell her that we would now be going to California, she tells me she doesn't want to get married anymore. At this point I am furious and pissed I gave up Japan for the girl of my dreams to then shatter my whole world. The one person I was suppose to trust and provide for just said sorry I don't want to anymore. I later found out that she met another guy online and he came to her house where they had a make out session while I was in Basic Training. This is how you treat the guy your suppose to marrying and is going to serve the country and fight for you. I know everyone hears all the stories about military spouses cheat all the time and so do the military people, but that is a small percentage of the actual military population and a lot of people stand behind their military spouses.

I will pick up from here next time. Come back for more info on how I got to where I am today living as a young family man.