Monday, June 11, 2007

Love finds me!

So now I am in Cali and through my second engagement. I really didn't want to jump into another relationship. I just wanted to make some friends and get to know some people who weren't really military related. Have you ever heard the saying when your not looking for love, love will find you. After Julia and the short period of time with her, I met my Wife. We started talking online and then decided to meet. She only live like an hr away and I went to visit her. After meeting her and talking to her we became good friends. The first night we went out some other guy showed up and I guess really liked her. He never made a move on her and I went ahead and made the move myself. We started to see each other more often and we both stated that we didn't want a serious relationship. We were just looking for a friend to talk with and have understand one another. This is how we first started out and it went well for awhile. Soon we both found ourselves falling for one another. Even though we both weren't looking for love, we found each other and ended up in love. After talking one late night after about 2 months of casual dating, we decided to date exclusively.

We ended up going to a new years party where we both got drunk as ever and all hell broke loose. We ended up having a huge blow out fight that ended me up to driving like a crazy man and wrecking my car only 100 feet from the hotel we were at. A friend of hers ended up driving my car back to the parking lot and parked it before the cops showed up. They gave us a warning and left for the night. Later that night while we were both still drunk and talking everything out we agreed to get married. We had originally planned for a summer wedding but Cass ended up pregnant. We then went to the courthouse and got married there on 24 April 2004. We have been happily married ever since.

My daughter came on 26 December 2004 and has been one of the best things in my life. We have also had a baby boy who was born on 20 July 2006. yes my kids are less than 2 years apart but that is the way we wanted it. I have been living a life as a young family man and continue to grow as a parent and a husband each and every day. I could not ask for more than what I have in front of me each and every day. I am blessed to have my beautiful family and wonderful in-laws. I have since left the military and moved across the country to SC. We literally moved from coast to coast.

Now that the history is done and my life is going on, I will start to talk about the things that happen in life at the moment.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Continued Background Story

It has been awhile since I posted. I have been busy attending my school and work as well as making time for my wife and kids. It has definitely been a challenge to manage all these things. I am not sure how I came about doing all of this at one time. I knew I wanted a family while I was young and knew I wanted to finish school as well. It is weird how things play out in the end and we always have to remind ourselves that we will not be made overnight. I have to continue to tell myself that everyday.

So I left off with being dropped by my fiance and having my world crumble around me. I went up to a buddies room and told him what happened. He immediately told me to get my swim gear and call up another buddy of ours. I asked him what for and he told me that were are going to the beach to get drunk and forget about all of this. I don't usually condone all of this type of action but at the time I didn't care and just wanted the pain to go away and this seemed the best logical approach. I ended up getting pretty drunk and fell asleep on the ferry while coming back from the island we went to. It was good times and it helped me get the process of grieving started and over with.

After all of this happened I went back to talking with some old friends and an old girl I used to talk to but never dated. We talked the rest of the time I was at Tech School and when I went home on my 2 week vacation in between my duty station and tech school we met up and started dating. I thought I was falling in love all over again and wanted this to work so bad that I made myself believe it was going to work. So we ended up dating for awhile and I even flew down to see her and ended up proposing to her. She accepted and everything was happy until I went back home and felt all alone again. I have probably only one fear in life and that is of being alone. She also became controlling to the point when I left my dorm room I had to call her and let her know where I was going. This was not what I was wanting and it showed me that she did not trust me in what I was doing. So I called off the engagement and she reacted probably about the same way I did when I was dumped just a year before that. I realized I didn't love this girl and that she was a rebound from my ex and that I needed time to heal first. I had to take time for myself and get my life straight to move on. That is what I did and made a new friend along the way.

In my next post I will talk about who I met and where things went from there.